Friday, March 20, 2009

The Erosion Continues

What is being eroded in this case is the 2nd Amendment. The loss of our rights will not come as a full frontal assault, but rather, it will come as small, hit and run attacks, like this one. The anti-gun zealots will create any excuse they can, then find a friendly, leftist court to back them up.

We should all know the Left will not simply take last years SCOTUS decision sitting down, especially since they've been trying to disarm law-abiding citizens for decades. Already, the DC city council has drafted a bill that would virtually reinstitute their total gun ban. They're hoping to find a way around the SCOTUS decision. They will not give up. They will not stop trying. And if the American people respond to this attack on our rights, the way they respond to everything else, we can kiss our guns goodbye!

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kid said...

Disarning the population is one of the many steps the totalitarians are taking to control the populous, turning the citizens into drones and turning our culture into that of an Orwellian