Friday, May 8, 2009

Set Back????

This is a libel case brought by the English Chiropractic Assosciation against Simon Singh.

The hipocracy of the British court is that he needs to prove himself innocent rather than the burden of proof of his guilt

Coming to an American court near you very soon.

The English High Court has made a disappointing and illiberal ruling in this case. It is requiring Simon to show that the BCA acted with deliberate dishonesty in promoting chiropractic for various children's ailments (including asthma). This is because Simon used the word "bogus" in the original article.This is an undeniable setback.For further information, see:; post messages of support on this group page. Simon reads and deeply appreciates each one.


Anonymous said...

This is all nonsense. Hell, It's truly bogus. Why is it that Simon needs to prove his innocence, rather than the Chiropractic Association, who brought the charges, prove guilt? The Association is putting forth snake oil without scientific proof and attempting to ruin someone of integrity questioning this "truth". If the Chiropractic Association has scientific studies to back its claim, that would suffice. Apparently it does not, so it is resorting to attacking someone who merely questions the validity of certain statements as dogma. What century is this????

Archie said...

It's official, we have returned to the dark age.

Missy said...

I dunno some people are very into using chiros for childhood asthma. Personally, I don't see how it can help asthma in any way shape or form and cracking a still-developing child's neck and back can't be good.

BOW said...

snake oil works even better