Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter I just sent to FoxNews- GlennBeck

(I anticipate being ignored)

You need look no further than "Medicaid". I have seen dental coverage for Medicaid as a provider. I'm a healthcare provider. I was a doctor, which means "teacher", until I was devalued. The focus up to now has been on Medicare, a totally different beast.

Our aging population, which has paid into Medicare, is about to have that pulled out from under them. There is no dental care provided for there.

However, take a look at Medicaid.

Look at the limitations and exclusions for healthcare which we have been providing to the poor and the illegal aliens. This is what the government has in mind for the rest of us.

Forget about cutting edge technologies. It's a minimum cost they're after.

After all, how many teeth do the government experts say you need before you qualify for a denture? Nevermind such luxuries as root canals, crowns, fixed bridges, or God forbid, implants, gum surgery.....Take a close look.

Cut costs- extract, get a blender.

I'll buy the olive


Archie said...

I think that in all political correctness fairness, can we replace the term "greedy" with maybe "hardworking" and /or "successful"?

E P Unim said...

I'm listening to this BS even on FOX. I tell me patients to follow certain lifestyles to enhance their health, They don't follow it. Obama thinks we're chopping people's legs off (btw) to make 500-700 dollars pretaxed. How many do you think put down that Crispy Creme, snuff out that Marlboro, and just eat Brussel Sprouts and Kale?

Let people live anbd die, between their doctors and themselves, without ANYONE interfering. Government, [politicians, lawyers, insurance co's neighbors, next of kin (if overridden by the soon to be deceased)

noswatickerherecarl said...

OK I have been one on those quite people for all too long. I just eard something that made my ears bleed. tHEY ARE SAYING THAT THE PRIVATE SECTOR HAS NOT CREATED ANY NEW JOBS since allthis economic downturn started. do I really need to explain this?

Schteveo said...

Man, you act as if you have some vested interest in dentistry.

The whole Obamacare idea is like the worlds largest Swiss Cheese. Full of holes.