Thursday, August 13, 2009


Am I missing something here?They are honoring Scott Speicher, as they should..He was the first casualty of the First Gulf War, on Jan 17, 1991.It was believed he was MIA, held prisoner since then His wife married his best friend on July 4, 1992.

bite my shillaleh said...
Am I missing something here?The Lockerbie Bomber of Flt 103 may be set free by the Scottish for humanitarian reasons

Les Paul is DEAD.where's the outrage?

Doctors have been denigrated to "healthcare providers" in order to de value what they do for us. So why are they worth so little when they help us and so much if they don't? No disrespect for hair care professionals and travel professionals. Nor for the training for such careers as cashier training institute or sanitation engineer. These are all important functions for society., but I have trouble with parity.

Why aren't lawyers, attorneys and politicians called: Legal providers and law givers?

Why do they ask me to cut back on electric use when I used maybe $60 of electric each month this summer, but get billed about $250 for delivery and taxes? Are they trucking it to me?

Same with my phone bill. I make $5 worth of calls but get charged over $200 in my office and not much less at home. Good thing we finally paid off the Spanish-American war. And we still haven't caught Osama or Panco Villa for that matter.

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