Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am so sickened

It seems that Caylee Anthony's body may have been found. This story has sickened me from the outset. I am devastated. A beautiful little girl. We have 2 beautiful daughters. It's a father's worst nightmare.


Annie said...

I am devastated by this news also. Having two daughters myself, both of whom are now grown and happily married [thank God!], I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to never have experienced the unfathomable grief that Caylee's family must feel. The death penalty is too good for the monster who killed this little girl.

Death penalty opponents tell me that the true test of one's belief in capital punishment is the answer to the question, "Could you throw the switch on a condemned criminal." Without a doubt, I could gladly throw the switch, pull the trigger, push the plunger or drop the cyanide pellets into the H2SO4 for the subhuman pervert who did this.

Spider said...

Even i, after seeing these things for too many years, must admit "feeling it" every time that beautiful child's picture is shown on TV. (she looks very much like my granddaughter) And no, they don't know for sure if the remains found are actually hers, but sadly, the chance that they are is pretty good. Also, the fact that they've charged the mother with 1st degree murder means they have evidence they haven't made public.

As for "dear" mom, death is far too good for her. She should be sent to a prison in the far-east, where torture is the rule of the day. I also believe the childs grand parents played some role in the crime. (assuming a crime was committed)