Sunday, December 7, 2008

A-Rod will switch-hit for another team

He was born here, but since his parents are from DR, he will play for them. This is like Present-Elect obama siding with Kenya over the US at the UN.


Missy said...

*yawn* whatever. Let him stay there. Besides with Jeter bringing the Madonna Kabala mojo you won't need him

Annie said...

Rodriguez was as Bruce Springstein says, "Born in the USA," but has chosen to play for that baseball player factory that used to be a country, the Dominican Republic. It must be the water down there that produces so many great MLB players. I hear that you can go to Santo Domingo and say the names Pedro, Manny and Sammy and everyone will know who you're talking about.

Spider said...

Who cares! He's a waste anyway. The fact that the Yankees would pay an ego-freak like him "$2.5 MILLION a month" shows that the team is run by losers! Sleeping with that broken-down old skank is just where he belongs!