Sunday, November 30, 2008


This has been bothering me for the past few days. I have this nagging feeling these actions are related. Since they followed rather quickly. And I don't think this latest barrage is over.

1-NYC terror warning
2- Cyber attack on the DOD / Pentagon
3- Mumbai terror attack


Blue said...

what, are you a conspiracy theorist?

Obama and his minions will protect use from all evil
they are getting ready to start a dialog with all who would harm use

Blue said...

oh, oh I just had a thought
maybe BHO will make me ambassador to Krusty Land!!!
think anyone else has applied?

csd said...

you had a thought? do you admit you had a thought? POLICE, POLICE!!!!!

Missy said...

and not to mention the CNN article today that says we are SURE to be attacked with a bio or nuke weapon over the next 5 years.

Spider said...

Relax, it's just the MSM trying to create it's own headlines again.