Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The liberals are coming out of the cold

They disappeared for a while from the blogosphere to drink Kool-aid and vote for free cheese. But now they are back to blogging. Since they can't push doorbells and blog. That would be multitasking and the unions don't allow that. Forget work. They didn't before the economic downturn, and they cetainly won't now. So what are they complaining about now? The sasme as always plus:

budget cuts, unfair. boo hoo. we need more bread and circuses.


And though I still can't get in a nice discussion, only attacked for not being one of "them", I have yet to be banned. I used to be banned for less from those sites. But I guess in the economic turndown, they take what they can get.

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Missy said...

when i was liberals to play with i just go to the comment page on my local paper. its lots of fun