Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The administrator of this site suggested I introduce myself. I am "Archie". I'm told I bear a resemblence to Carroll O'Connor. Therefore, I will go with that. My friend asked me if I would take over administrative duties in his absence here. I'm not too sure what is involved since I am new to blogging. He told me it pretty much takes care of itself and to let the folks here do what they do without being judgmental. And that I should suggest some topics, join in and learn from all of you. So I'll give it a try. He also gave me access to the email account that he uses for blogging and that you all already know what it is. I'm looking forward to this experience.


Jimbo said...

Okay - let's cut the chase.

Where's BOW? Where did you hide the body?

And nobody is really "new" to blogging - it's just like sittin' in the backyard with your neighbors and shootin' the shi'ites.

Only different.

Tell BOW to get well soon.

His friend (and gift recipient),

Jimbo B. Bozo

PS - If I still had any teeth, I would have chosen BOW to pull them.

Spider said...

I hope "Bill" is alright. Tell him his friends miss him and wish him well.

C-Bug said...

Jimbo has no teeth??

foolery said...

Please give my best to Mr. Bill. I hope he's enjoying time away from the feisty, demanding lover that The InterNut is. :)

-- Laurie