Thursday, November 20, 2008

NYC tax fuhrer

Fuhrer Bloomberg refuses to release the $400 real estate tax refunds which the city council put into law and were supposed to go out Oct 1st to homeowners. He cited they didn't have enough money to pay for things. Excuse me Mr Mayor. If I don't have money to pay my taxes AND eat you tell me I have to pay out first regardless of the city's fiscal health. He says he won't cut the checks even though the law says he must.

And the moron electorate will still vote him back in for a 3rd term?


Anonymous said...

and where is "doomed"?

Anonymous said...

playing with himself again.

Spider said...

Ahh, His Majesty Bloomberg, (a.k.a. The Man Who Would Be King). It must be nice to have $25+ BILLION, and 10 million people to play with.