Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Feature- Food

Now that it is evident that one needs to fend for oneself and family, it would be prudent to learn basic cooking skills with minimal preparation and time.

Although the ingredients listed below are usual and customary, certain substitutions may be nececessary in the future. eg: squirrel for beef, pigeon for chicken. And I'm not joking here. Look where we are today. Who knows what the future holds. Better off being overprepared than underprepared.

tonight's dinner is easy, and not very time consuming.

cosmopolitans / beer

Veal parm.
spaghetti bologenese with mozarella
tomato / onion / spinach salad
steamed broccholi

Breyer's vanilla / fox's Ubet / cling peach cobbler


Missy said...

actually if you make your own bolognese sauce and in a traditional way, it will take all day with 3 seperate reductions, low and slow cooking, and lots of prep work.

ron said...

It does.I do it while watching football, drinking beer and can some.

ron said...

It's more time consuming than labor intensive. The idea is to start early and multitask throughout the day. Plus canning several jars of basic sauce can last for months. But it won't around here. And it is really worth the effert.