Friday, November 21, 2008

Nuclear war by 2025?

Nuclear war very possible by 2025 as US fades as world power.

Roving gangs and food riots across US predicted by 2012 according to analyst on FOX this morning. Havae a nice day. And the Dow futures opened the DOW at 211 higher, but that is gone as of now.


Annie said...

In 2025 I'll be 81 if I'm still here, and probably so monumentally senile I'll be completely unaware of a nuclear war.

Mushroom cloud? What mushroom cloud?

Stinkinrottenkid said...

Nice to see you, mom. I hope you remember me in your will.

You'll still be here, paying taxes, because someone has to.

Love you....

Spider said...

2025? Do they figure we have that long? And here's a flash for those who don't get out much. We haven't been the worlds only super power for a long time. We The People threw that away too!