Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where's our future energy policy?

No doubt now that the avg. gas price is now $2.20 will mean no talk of wind farms, atomic energy, coal natural gas, solar or drilling until the the MidEast starts raping us again. Isn't now the time to put people to work building this infrastructure for the future? People can't just work at Starbucks (stock down 97%). Want to bet the Republicans will be blamed for that too when the time comes?


Missy said...

This always happens when America moves towards energy independence. That's also why drilling now is such a good idea. The oil cartel is so insanely paranoid of losing their endless wealth that they will allow lower prices now to crush any chance at competition in the future.

C-Bug said...

Missy is right. If the price keeps dropping, watch for Obama to immediately raise taxes on gasoline in order to force the idea of energy independence.